Flooding in the UK: house insurance, technical and political issues.
Examples from Sidmouth, Devon.

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Introduction: campaign group SAFE and Freedom of Information requests.

East Devon District Council - Freedom of Information or getting blood from a stone? Emails and phone calls.

Report to SAFE (Sidmouth Against Flood Emergency) , compiled July 2009, issued January 2010.

Flooding not caused by water from rivers or the sea. Examples from Sidmouth and Ottery St Mary, East Devon.

The cliffs to the east of Sidmouth - natural erosion or a man-made disaster? Advice given to EDDC many years ago predicted knock-on effects from the design of sea defences that were installed.

List of reports prepared by consultants for EDDC.

Detailed considerations for Sidford: how small local changes can influence flood risk for individual houses.

Incompetent application of planning laws - how alterations of land levels by Hamilton Garage, Sidford increased flood risks for some properties (and slightly decreased it for others).

Examples of flood defences - many houses can be well protected for less than 100 if you do the work yourself. Some houses need permanent protection - there is often no time to install temporary measures.

Floods in Sidmouth 7 July 2012 - pictures of Sidford, links to youtube videos and discussion of climatic factors.

Floods in Sidford 24 November 2012 - aftermath photos only.

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