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This is a large website. You are advised to use specific terms (rather than common words that may appear a hundred times) in order to conduct a search. If you wish to search only for words within a specific webpage, go to that webpage and use the 'edit/find' facility built into your browser.

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Google is one of the best search engines. Most if not all of the pages on SeeRed are regularly indexed and you can access either the latest cached page (with your search terms highlighted) or access the current, possibly updated version.

Simply click on either picture and put this text into the search bar: ?????

(where ????? is the word or phrase you are looking for within this website - phrases should be inside quotation marks, for example "steering group").

You can search for pages with more than one phrase "steering group" + "sidmouth town"

Using the version of Google can be useful if you want to include mostly pages from the UK in your search. The .com version gives you no choice but to include results from websites around the world. It makes no difference if you are doing a site-specific search.

With thanks as always to Google - the world's favourite search engine - for continuing to award first page rankings to so many of the principal pages on SeeRed.

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Google 2004 - Earth Day and Halloween

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