Examples of the wildlife value of long grass - as viewed by the RSPB, one of Britain's leading environmental charities.

The endorsement of the RSPB is particularly important in defending the right of any house owner to have areas of long grass in his/her garden. The RSPB are recognised as being one of the world's leading charities who seek to protect wild birds. Protecting natural habitat and food sources remains a central theme of their work.

The wide view adopted by the RSPB is in stark contrast to the despotic attitude of a few local council officials.

The SeeRed author declares his interest as a Life Member of the RSPB!

The following 'endorsements' are taken from the results of a 'homes for wildlife' survey undertaken on the Sidford Wild Garden in December 2008. There is always scope for improvement in wild gardening - even if it leads to greater untidiness! Note that in many cases the inclusion of more 'long grass' is ranked as a 'starred' improvement - a priority for enhancing the wildlife benefits of the local environment.

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