The following emails were received in October 2005 in support of the main Road Hump webpage on SeeRed. They are reproduced without identifying the source - a research academic in the UK.

Road Hump design


I am possibly one of your more unlikely people to be writing to congratulate you on the site.

I have been trying to get one of the local hospitals to install speed limiting devices (including proper humps of various sorts) and have found your diatribe page very useful in demonstrating to them how not to do things. I have included the link in with the various papers on how to design proper speed controls. Many thanks for making my job easier - and hopefully their speed controls more effective and less inconvenient to those that are not speeding.

X X, Head of Safety, University Safety Office, University of XXXXXXX

At the moment Transport Safety is one of the five top concerns that are being pushed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE - see because of the large proportion of fatal and serious accidents resulting from on-site transport issues in certain sectors of the economy. You may also find some reasonably well informed HSE Inspectors also providing advice on these issues for closed sites (not the public highway though).

All the best and thanks again.

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