An appeal: (now of historical interest only)

please write to the BBC and ask them to transmit more coverage of the 2004 Sidmouth International Festival. Many of us want to remember it for how it was - notwithstanding that the future may not be all bleak.

During the 2004 festival BBC Television apparently filmed over 10 hours of transmission grade material. To date, only one hour has been transmitted (twice, on digital BBC4).

It is unlikely we shall ever see again a festival of this size and splendour in Sidmouth - and maybe nowhere else in the UK. As many people as possible should be made aware of how much was achieved by the organisers.

The BBC do listen to viewer requests. The more people write in, the more likely it is we shall be able to see further highlights.

please write to:

Mark Cooper, Creative Head of Department, Music Entertainment, Room 385, Design Building, BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ

If you run a folk club, please organise a petition or a few letters.

I have asked the BBC if a direct email address can be provided.

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