Genuine Sidford snow - 17/18/20 Dec 2010. Temporary page contents.

Just to show that something interesting occasionally happens in Sidmouth outside of FolkWeek:

snow front house 17 Dec 2010.JPG (305212 bytes)


snow rear garden 17 Dec 2010.JPG (257864 bytes)

view from rear garden2 18 Dec 2010.jpg (325018 bytes)

view from rear garden3 18 Dec 2010.jpg (307389 bytes)

view from rear garden 18 Dec 2010.jpg (389426 bytes)

view of front garden2 18 Dec 2010.jpg (310898 bytes)

view of front garden 18 Dec 2010.jpg (220886 bytes)

20 December 2010 below

143_4359s.jpg (326386 bytes)

143_4362s.jpg (202446 bytes)

143_4364s.jpg (245503 bytes)

143_4365s.jpg (291522 bytes)

143_4367s.jpg (164927 bytes)

143_4368s.jpg (318372 bytes)

143_4369s.jpg (175278 bytes)

143_4370s.jpg (301165 bytes)

143_4371s.jpg (415069 bytes)

143_4376s.jpg (407624 bytes)

Several hours later - see below, the driveway was clear.

I also decided to clear most of the road near the junction to make it safer!

143_4380s.jpg (304753 bytes)

143_4381s.jpg (351108 bytes)

This says it all really: the morning of 22 December 2010: drainpipe at corner of kitchen. About - 6C all night, - 5.5C at 10am, warming to - 1C at midday.

143_4386s.jpg (427992 bytes)

25 December (below): icicles on north face of bungalow.

144_4407 icicles.JPG (152769 bytes)

27 December: Sidside: drainpipe completely full of ice and showing a joint having expanded as the water inside froze.

144_4411_r1_sidsidepipe2.jpg (521019 bytes)

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