Sidmouth Folk Week tickets - 2011 - all change again?

Last year I suggested some substantial changes to the Sidmouth FolkWeek ticket structure. I suggested stripping out the cost of the Bulverton - and making the basic week season ticket cheaper to help overcome the perception amongst many would-be attendees that Sidmouth is 'just too expensive'. It didn't go down well with Joan Crump!

Here is one of Joan Crump's postings from the mudcat website:

Steve Wozniak's "Newcomer's Guide" - and indeed his entire festival website - should be viewed as the highly subjective document that it is, and taken with a grain of salt. Steve Wozniak does not speak for FolkWeek and is not party to any internal discussions or planning. Like the other 500 stewards who volunteer their time during the festival, his time is obviously valued but this position does not give him any special insight into the festival's planning or challenges. The ticketing guide Mr Wozniak has produced, for example, may well not reflect this year's (2011) system, as we are currently reviewing the whole ticketing structure.

There are no plans whatsoever to get rid of the Bulverton or to remove it from the season ticket. It is growing in popularity year on year with a wide age range of attenders (sic). Sound control at the venue is the best it has ever been and we did not have a single complaint from residents this year that I'm aware of.

It was actually not long ago that Joan Crump was admitting on Mudcat that the Bulverton was in a 'make or break' financial position. Maybe she didn't want to risk exposing just how little support it has - if judged by how much money people would pay to attend!

In the event, the 2011 ticket structure has gone in the opposite direction - an 'ALL IN ONE' ticket includes ALL events, including the Ham evening concerts. It is therefore equivalent to the 2010 season ticket + a Ham season - but it is not priced more competitively. The old (2010) season ticket has been retained but called a weekly season for 2011, to distinguish it from the ALL IN ONE ticket.

This harks back to the different coloured season tickets of 2007 - remember Platinum and Gold seasons by any other name? The other change for 2011 is that wristbands will be issued instead of tickets that could so readily be swapped around a group of people and passed through railings to enable multiple admission. This change is both welcome and arguably overdue.(Note added 2011 - and it didn't happen except for camping!)

For 2011, metals seem to be reserved for levels of sponsorship - so who decided to introduce diamond as a new sponsorship level?! And will anyone really know or care whether a shop from which they purchase a bun is a bronze (1) or (2) sponsor?

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In January 2011, the official website featured a rather difficult to use system of ticket pricing pages - so I produced a simple one page guide.

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