Environmental perspectives: a world view.

Throughout the world, quick profits often come before wider environmental concerns. Rich countries are often quick to denounce less fortunate countries for ruining forests and risking irreversible damage to the World's climate - despite that the destruction is often undertaken in effect at the behest of western companies.

The following quotations are taken from lecture slides used by the author of this website when he delivered the 1998 Offwell Lecture. In due course the lecture will be loaded onto this website. The Offwell centre is a renowned environmental educational centre in East Devon. It receives virtually no funding from official sources.

"We have defiled everything, much of it forever, even the
farthest jungles of the Amazon and the air above the
mountains, even the everlasting sea which gave us birth."

Taken from the closing chapter of "The Arrogance of Humanism" by Prof. David Ehrenfeld and published in 1978. It was a seminal book of the modern conservation movement - and still well worth reading.

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